Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Post of Many

Hey Hey Butchertown Lovers, we've started a Blog! It has come to our attention that we're not the only people who care about our lovely community and want to see it flourish. So now when you can no longer stand the piggy stink or you're stoked to hear that the ol' church on Shelby is being rennovated, you have someone to talk about it with.

On this Blog we'll be posting community involvement events, neighborhood discussions, resident surveys and Butchertown fun facts. We encourage feedback, ideas and discussions of all sorts. So stay tuned!

Introducing the Butchertown Blog Team:

Andrew Cornelius

Brooke Vaughn-Pierce

Jason Pierce


alicia said...

!!!!! Good work neighbors!

Brian Tucker said...

Good job and good luck. I have been operating The Valley Report - A Voice for Southwest Louisville, for one month now, and the response has been wonderful. It's always nice to have more colleagues & welcome to blogging.

Keep up your service to your community!


DianaNewtonSW14 said...

I trust that you will INCLUDE those in the Butchertown community that have vigilantly fought FOR the area for years and have received nothing but scorn from the Abramson administration for doing so.

On a related note,
the posting above from Brian Tucker is a perfect example of someone who is carrying Abramson's water. And Tucker is a political hack! He is not anyone's role model.

For news that the C-J refuses to report see Ed Springston's blog:
Louisville News & Politics

Brian Tucker said...

That wasn't very nice.

Steve Magruder said...

I likewise welcome the voices of the Butchertown community to the online discussion community.

I would personally like to see some coverage of the proposed massive (and unnecessary, IMHO) expansion of Spaghetti Junction and what that may portend for any historic properties that may be in the way.

At any rate, the blog is already looking fantastic, and I am looking forward to reading it in the months and years ahead.

Steve Magruder
Louisville History & Issues

P.S. Brian, sorry I didn't give your fine blog a similar, but very well-earned welcome. :)

b said...

Be positive. Please no negativity. We're all working towards the same goal. Lets focus that energy towards the good.

H.Sansom said...

I love Butchertown and was a proud resident for over 20 years. With that said, I am concerned about the extreme regulation that our mayor seems to think is reasonable but is actually hurtful and the constant complaining of the Butchertown resident about the emissions at the Swift plant.
Over 1000 people work at that plant and eventually the plant will just move to a city and state that has less regulation and less complaining. I lived in Butchertown so I know how bad it can get. But, I think it can be a lot more acceptable if you people who constantly complain take into consideration that you are putting the ability of the people who work at Swift to be able to work to take care of their families at risk. Mark my word, if it continues, they will move. I hope your conscience will convince you to lay off. Swift will not move to another location in Louisville, they will move to another city or even another state.

H.Sansom said...

The chuech being renovated is awesome.I love the old buildings and the beautiful architecture of Butchertown and the east Main Street corridor.

H.Sansom said...

I am a firm believer in the 86/64 project. It destroys the beauty and progress of the Waterfront Park project.
And, believe it or not, this is coming from a conservative.