Monday, January 5, 2009

1866 Breakfast Buffet

St. Joseph's Church on East Washington is proud to announce that they will now be holding a weekly breakfast buffet in their parish hall. Father David Sanchez has informed us that they will be open every Sunday from 8am to 2pm. The chef Michele Melillo, of Melillo's Italian restaurant on Market St., will be managing and the chef of the operation. Weather permitting, they are also planning on having outdoor seating in their courtyard! Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to visit.

It is wonderful that they are opening their doors and we welcome them with open arms. I can't stress how important it is in times like these to support our local businesses and restaurants. They play a vital role in shaping and creating a desirable place for us to live. We have many choices when dining out, and we hope that you choose to keep it local.

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