Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tandy support's Butchertown!!

Hello everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday. Please take a look at the statement that I received this afternoon ahead of tomorrow's BOZA hearing about the illegal JBS Swift expansion. Council President David Tandy, a strong supporter of Butchertown, is backing the Butchertown Neighborhood Plan which calls for the relocation of JBS Swift. Stay tuned for an update on what happens at the hearing!

- Andy Cornelius (painting by Lynn Dubar- great site!!)

On behalf of President Tandy-

Dear BOZA Members and all interested parties:

I am writing today with regard to the JBS Swift plant in the Butchertown Neighborhood, which is located in the Fourth Metro Council District and the matter currently involving the facility that is before your board.

Let me begin by stating that it must be recognized that JBS Swift, like many other employers located here in Louisville, serves an important role in the current and future economic vitality of our community by employing approximately 1,300 individuals at their Louisville plant.

In light of the current economic conditions, we in this community and around the country face, job retention and creation is critical to our city's long term development and growth.

As such, I am committed to working to retain JBS Swift and the jobs it currently provides and will create in the future in Louisville Metro for many years to come.

With that being said, I am strongly in favor, however, of developing a plan that would move Swift out of the Historic Butchertown Neighborhood in the near future and into a suitable location within Jefferson County that will provide the space needed for its continued service to this community as a viable business, while at the same time amicably coexisting with the environment around it.

As for the issue before you tomorrow regarding the expansion of JBS Swift, while I understand this issue is under your authority as a board and respect your final decision, I am disappointed with the way this matter has been handled. In my opinion the neighborhood association and BOZA were not involved or notified in an appropriate manner.
I respectfully ask that as the Board moves forward with this matter that the thoughts and opinions of the citizens that call Butchertown home be given your full attention and consideration.

Thanks for your continued work on behalf of the residents of our community.

Very truly yours,
David W. Tandy
President, Louisville Metro Council
Fourth District Councilman


Bruce said...

I thought the name of the community was Butchertown. If you kick all the slaughter houses out what will it be called?

karate_dave said...

If you will look at the history of Butchertown, documented by the BNA, you will see that the first "residents" of the area were in fact BUTCHERS, and then meat packing companies. Guess they have selective amnessia when it come to that part of history.
It also states that the busy body association wasn't founded until 1990.