Monday, August 2, 2010

Miss C's on Chestnut - NOW OPEN

One of Butchertown's finest dining establishment has recently expanded to a SECOND location. Today, August 2nd was their grand opening and it will definitely be a hit. I'm sure most of you have had Charlotte and Chris's fantastic food and if you haven't then what the heck are you waiting on. You simply can't beat it and now with a second location, you have no excuse. You will Thank this blog later. :)
On a recent pre-opening party, we went and checked out the new digs and came away very impressed. The decor is suitable and their new location is perfectly located just off 4th street near THE PALACE. ........ And I hear strong rumors from a very reliable source that a happy hour is maybe most likely possibly in the works.....................

Miss C's on Chestnut
308 W. Chestnut
JUST GO................

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