Friday, October 15, 2010



Butchertown is bringing back OKTOBERFEST.. This is gonna be a good time but what we wanna know is can you dig it?

This is the real fest, not some copycat, hand me down, goodwill type of fest... but the real thing. Munich called and asked us not to throw this fest ......but we said NO. Its gonna happen, like it or not Germany.

Sat. Oct 23, at 5pm, it will be down.

LOCATION: The Pointe

Featuring Beer, Bands, and possibly some records being spun....

I expect to see all 4 people who read this blog there, I know who you are...... and I expect you 4 people to invite the hundreds of friends that you must have.

Its not like we need an excuse to drink but it is the harvest season. SO... harvest your rear up from the couch and come on down...........

Volunteers are needed.... please contact Andy at

- CM

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