Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not SWIFT (JBS) Enough

Hello Butchertown and surrounding communities:

Do to ongoing problems with JBS Swift, we are taking a new angle at our information gathering on the truck traffic and odor complaints. We have a new email address that will be specifically for issues dealing with JBS Swift.

Please note that this is not to replace calling Air Pollution or 311 Metro call, but it is a means for us to gather information on a city wide issue centered around our great neighborhood.

When emailing this account, please include
1) Full name
2) Address (phone # would help too!)
3) Time of day
4) Reason for action- odors, back truck traffic, dirty trucks, ect...

This issue is going to need the support of all of the effected communities to promote good corporate citizenship in how JBS Swift operates. Please pass this on to anyone who you know who is effected by this.


Andy Cornelius
Butchertown Neighborhood Association

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