Monday, May 4, 2009


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Butchertown has a very important neighborhood meeting planned for Tuesday May 19th, 6pm at Hall's Cafeteria located at 1301 Story Ave. This is in regards to JBS Swift's application to modify their existing Conditional Use Permit, as they are requesting to expand their facility. This case parallels the current JAVANON zoning and planning disaster, in which construction began without any permits and only once they were caught have they sought the proper permitting. Click here for details.

The meeting, according to design firm QK4, is" an informal meeting to give you the opportunity to review the proposed plan and discuss the proposal with the developer and its representatives." The notice goes on to say, "At this meeting, representatives for the Applicant (Swift) will explain the proposal and then discuss any concerns you may have. The purpose of this meeting is to increase your understanding of this case early in the process. We encourage you to attend and to share any concerns you may have about this proposal."

As the photo shows, they are not early in the process, but nonetheless- we must attend to voice our opinions for or against the proposed plan.

Hope to see you there.

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