Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ice Storm Clean Up

The city has just outlined the process that will clean up the debris from the epic ice storm of 2009. If you check into their website you will see that we are in section "C1" and "C2." They haven't said exactly which day they will be by yet, so check the link and let me know if you see it before we do! What they did say however, was that they will only be going down each street one time, so take the time this weekend to cut your debris up into sections under six feet in length and place it between the curb and your sidewalk.

Please also keep in mind that we are a historical district in which you NEED a permit to cut down any trees. The trees that line our neighborhood add so much to the character and we don't want to loose any that we don't have to. If you have a serious problem with a weakened tree, please email and we can walk through the process of what needs to happen.

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