Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not Swift Enough

As you may recall, back in November of 2008 the Air Pollution Control Board fined the Butchertown foe, Swift and Company. Part of the $250,000 plus agreement was to be put towards a new scrubber system which is supposed to keep odors down, that is, if the employees know how to work and balance the chemicals in it properly. After calling to complain about the odors for five days in a row, I asked our friends at the APCD how the progress on this new system was coming along. We were informed that Swift is in the process of replacing the scrubber that was brought online in 1995 with a new and updated version. Likely what has happened is that they have upped their production so much over the years that the current scrubber doesn't have the guts to keep up with all the swine flowing through the plant.

The bad news is that this new peice of "air cleaning" equiptment is not supposed to arrive until July. So hold your noses, pick up your phone and keep the complaints rolling in when they are impeading on your rights to be able to enjoy your own property.

On another note, they are also doing some construction around the livestock pen area. Word on the street is that they are trying to close up that area more in order to contain the "farm-like" smell that graces the area. Good luck with that one.

Click HERE for a link to the Air Pollution Control District's website where you can access their contact information.

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Kory said...

props for putting up with that odor... in an ideal world (mine) we wouldn't be killing pigs anyway and Butchertown would be called east central Louisville or something clever like "Tofutown"