Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who is having their 162nd birthday party??

Yes! It's Thomas Edison, and you are all invited to the Edison House at 729 E Washington St. This is a great museum with all sorts of early gadgets, light bulbs, and motion picture gear. The party starts this Saturday at 10 am and goes until 4 pm. Admission is $5 for adults; $4 for seniors. $3 for students; and free for children 5 and under. Unfortunately Thomas has prior commitments, so this will just be in his honor. Hope to see you all there!

"Dits, Dahs and Dots"

Thomas Edison House and the Museum of the American Printing House
for the Blind will present "Dits, Dahs, & Dots" on Saturday, February 21st.

Learn all about Morse Code, braille, and try a little coding yourself!
"Dits and Dahs" are the sounds created by Morse Code. Dots, of course, are the dots of braille. This hands-on code workshop takes place at APH with a visit to the nearby Thomas Edison House.

The program is free, but registration is required. Recommended for 4th grade and up.
10 a.m.-Noon. Call 899-2365 by February 19 to register.
Click here to visit the Edison House's webpage

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