Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not SWIFT (JBS) Enough

Hello Butchertown and surrounding communities:

Do to ongoing problems with JBS Swift, we are taking a new angle at our information gathering on the truck traffic and odor complaints. We have a new email address that will be specifically for issues dealing with JBS Swift.

Please note that this is not to replace calling Air Pollution or 311 Metro call, but it is a means for us to gather information on a city wide issue centered around our great neighborhood.

When emailing this account, please include
1) Full name
2) Address (phone # would help too!)
3) Time of day
4) Reason for action- odors, back truck traffic, dirty trucks, ect...

This issue is going to need the support of all of the effected communities to promote good corporate citizenship in how JBS Swift operates. Please pass this on to anyone who you know who is effected by this.


Andy Cornelius
Butchertown Neighborhood Association

Sunday, March 22, 2009

UPDATE!!! 155 North Campbell

This past Thursday morning, Butchertown residents gathered at the Old Jail building downtown for the appeal hearing on the Oakleaf's property at 155 N. Campbell. If you recall earlier posts, they are responsible for demolishing many historic homes north of the flood wall. This is the last standing home in a row of what was once a quaint block of shotguns.

Appeal hearings are called when an applicant is denied a demolition permit and feels that there was either a clerical error, or bad factual evidence used in the conclusion that the structure should not be demolished. After the Oakleaf's council fully acknowledged that they didn't feel that there was any error in the fact finding or a clerical error, the Landmarks Commission then asked what there grounds were for appealing. Her lawyer then did his song and dance which led to what he is now calling "economic hardship" which gives them a chance to extend the case even longer. Even though the Commission voted down the appeal, in favor of preservation and Butchertown, the Oakleafs have until the May Landmarks meeting to prove economic hardship.

Although it was a small win for now, it was sad to see Oakleaf's council trying to argue an appeal that he had clearly not researched. Landmarks had to walk him through the procedures, holding his hand to even determine grounds for the appeal. On the other hand, it should be hard to prove economic hardship for a person who owns so much property. If they just rented this out over the years for a marginal cost, the place would have paid for itself, it's upkeep, and be a revenue stream for them. Clearly this property is worth more to the Oakleafs as a bulldozed lot than as a historic home. And my question to the Oakleafs is, if you are experiencing such "economic hardship," then why haven't you put any of your real estate up for sale to raise capitol? !?!?

Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pictures of Butchertown

We are proud to announce that a book on historic Butchertown is in the works! BNA member Edna Kubala has been hard at work hunting down old pictures of Butchertown, and she is looking for some help from all of us to add to her collection. If you have old photos that you are willing to share with her for the book, please contact her and she will fill you in on the details.

Her phone number is 540-9970 and email is

Any and all pictures would be welcomed and useful.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

All New Butchertown Art Fair

Hello Butchertown residents, and other visiting individuals!

We are pleased to announce the All New Butchertown Art Fair!
Mark your calendars and cancel any planned vacations.. .
Sunday, May 17, 2009, 11a-5p
We are now accepting booth reservations for artists & crafters at our lowest rates ever—only $25 if you live in Butchertown!


Reserve Your Space
10 ft x 10 ft
$25 /Butchertown residents
$50 /non-Butchertown residents & all businesses
Multiple booth spaces available, if you'd like more information, be sure to get in touch with us.

If you are interested in renting a tent or table for the day of the event, send a note to Natasha Maze,

On Washington St between Webster St & Adams St in the heart of Butchertown.
Parking will be available for vendors day of event.

Additional Info
After your order is received, we will email you a confirmation letter. Prior to the event, you will receive
an information packet with full details about the event, including day-of instructions, booth number & parking
information. Questions? Please contact Natasha Maze at 502-681-2730,

Applications and payment due no later than May 2, 2009. Checks payable to the Butchertown Neighborhood Association.
Remit to: Natasha Maze, Butchertown Art Fair, 1401 Quincy Street, Louisville, Ky 40206

Download Application Form Here !

PalPal payment options coming soon!
We look forward to hearing from you!