Tuesday, May 19, 2009

JBS admits "mistakes were made"

At tonight's JBS Swift's neighborhood meeting at Hall's Cafeteria, both the plant engineer and general managers admitted that "mistakes were made" in the way they went about expanding their facility. They also acknowledged that the structure they are using to unload the live pigs has not been inspected by city officials, which poses potential hazards for their workers who unload between 15,000 to 16,500 pigs per day. Those numbers seemed to exceed the maximum production rate they are allowed to slaughter at 10,000 per day, but further investigation is required to determine that. They also informed us that no union labor was used in the illegal construction, which gave mixed signals coming from such a strong union facility, one would assume that a union contractor would be used to show support of local unions.

The panel of JBS Swift representatives were asked tough questions, and to many of them they did not have solid answers. Their application for expansion gave a reason for increased "storage," but the plant engineer stumbled when he was asked to show where the storage would be. Also, JBS Swift informed the neighborhood that they haven't considered using an exterior facade that would allow the new structures to fit into the fabric of the historic neighborhood.

While the neighborhood's questions poured out, local union members sat silent- perhaps in awe of how their employer has jeopardized their safety and left the door wide open to serious consequences by the Metro Government.

More to come, and bet your bottom dollar we will let you know when the next hearing on this topic is.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come One, Come All

Yup, it is finally here. All the e-mailin', phone callin', brown nosin' and elbow greasin' will show its colors this wonderful Sunday, May 17th at the Butchertown Art Fair. Please bring a smile, some cash and absolutely everyone you know.

Amongst the sea of vendors, you can also experience some puppy cuddles, haircuts for cash, some local herbs, kite babies in the breeze, bluegrass, organic coffee, beer and lots more.

The Humane Society will be there with their traveling adoption truck
A local Botanist will be on hand showcasing plants native to Kentucky
Art Sparks, from The Speed Art Museum, will be building kites with children
The Thomas Edison House will sponsor a Home & Garden Tour
Local Bluegrass and Jug Bands playing it up
Beverages by BBC and Redhot Roasters
Food from J Gumbos & The Bodega
And artists peddling their wares, of course.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Thanks for stopping by, and our regular posts will commence once the Art Fair registration period is over.

Butchertown has a very important neighborhood meeting planned for Tuesday May 19th, 6pm at Hall's Cafeteria located at 1301 Story Ave. This is in regards to JBS Swift's application to modify their existing Conditional Use Permit, as they are requesting to expand their facility. This case parallels the current JAVANON zoning and planning disaster, in which construction began without any permits and only once they were caught have they sought the proper permitting. Click here for details.

The meeting, according to design firm QK4, is" an informal meeting to give you the opportunity to review the proposed plan and discuss the proposal with the developer and its representatives." The notice goes on to say, "At this meeting, representatives for the Applicant (Swift) will explain the proposal and then discuss any concerns you may have. The purpose of this meeting is to increase your understanding of this case early in the process. We encourage you to attend and to share any concerns you may have about this proposal."

As the photo shows, they are not early in the process, but nonetheless- we must attend to voice our opinions for or against the proposed plan.

Hope to see you there.

(picture courtesy of Brokensidewalk.com)