Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Keith, Leah, Walt, David, Elizabeth, Jason, Natasha, Andy, Matt, Keturah, Jennifer, Alicia, Ruth, Francoise,Chris

I know EVERYONE has been waiting for our DINE review and well....its finally here. All the emails, texts, calls, driving by my house, letters, smoke signals, horn honking, and stares can now stop. :)


Well quite simply, Wiltshire on Market is glorious. You gotta go soon!!

Its a smaller place but let me say first that the staff worked awesome with our requests. Lots of communication and call backs. I had to change our reservations to accomodate you procrasinators a few times and each time they were more than happy to help. A big Thank You to the staff.

The restaurant is quaint but very elegant. The colors are warm and welcoming. Walking in from the hot street was a welcome sigh. Just made me want to relax and get ready to eat, drink and be merry. Walls have exposed brick and a very cool wine rack hangs behind the bar. Meant to get a picture of it but forgot. :( oh well.

There were 15 of us in all and they had us seated at three very long tables that they had put together. Some of us set on benches while others had chairs. Very comfortable.
Lots of food was had.... Heres my take:
Bean Hummus >> To die for, creamy, yummy,
Pork Pho >>>> GOOD Asian flair, rice noodles, pork, pork, pork
Barramundi >>>>>> Light/flavorful. A perfect situation for a hot summer eve

The menu changes frequently(which is awesome) so can't guarantee you will ever have these, but you will not regret going.

The group of us had a fine time indeed. Those of you that didn't make it SUCK.... I mean those of you that didn't make it missed out on a hot time!!

Hope you enjoy the few photos I managed before the camera battery died.

~ Adios Amigos............ See you at the next event.

*DINE is committed to supporting all local business and dining establishments. If you would like us to inject some cash flow into your establishment, please contact us.

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